Commissions for Affiliates

Peach's affiliate programs let you run a branded affiliate program to grow your Squarespace store. You'll be able to reward influencers, bloggers, and ambassadors with commissions.

Because we're exclusively integrated with Squarespace, our commission options are advanced and highly configurable. We support commissions on products, digital orders, services, and subscriptions.

Percentage Commissions

The most popular type of commission used by our customers is the percentage commission.

With this option, affiliates earn a percentage (frequently 10 – 30%) of the items in the order.

This is a great way to reward affiliates while ensuring your sales are still profitable.

Fixed Rate Commissions

With this option, the commission is a fixed, flat-rate per order. For example, this might be $5 per order the affiliate refers to your store.

This is ideal for its simplicity and if you have a store with few products.


With commissions on subscriptions, you can configure the commission to be either "one-time" or "recurring."

One-time commissions only reward the affiliate for the first time period of the subscription. You don't need to do anything to enable this type of commission.

Recurring commissions will reward the affiliate for every repeat of the subscription (e.g. they'll earn 10% per month for every month the subscription is active).

To set up recurring subscription commissions, switch the "Repeating commissions" toggle to Yes in your commission settings. Then, add the list of subscription product names to the "Products" section of your Peach's affiliate program settings.

(Feel free to contact [email protected] if you have trouble with this and we can help.)

Default commissions for your affiliate program

Your affiliate program has a default commission setting. When a new affiliate signs up and is approved for your affiliate program, they'll start off on the default commission. At any time, you can change the default commission for your affiliate program -- this will only affect new affiliates. If you want to change the commission for a given affiliate, you can customize it from their affiliate settings.

Custom commissions per affiliate

For certain affiliates, you might want to give them a higher percentage or different amount per referred order. To customize the commission on a per-affiliate level, navigate to that affiliate's settings and change the commission value. This will only affect new orders and commissions -- existing commissions will retain their current commission value.

Custom product commissions

If you want to set up custom commissions for products in your store, you can do that with Peach’s. When an order contains a given item, the affiliate will earn a commission on that product. You can set this up in the Products section of your dashboard.

Got questions?

If you have other questions or needs for your commissions, contact us at [email protected].


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