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Squarespace Speed Test

Use our tool to analyze your Squarespace website’s speed, get a report on why your site is slow, learn how to improve your speed, and optimize your performance today.

Built by the experts behind Peach’s Squarespace Referral Programs.

Where should we send your results?

Your speed test and optimization guide will take a few minutes to run. Please enter your details so we can deliver your results when the report is complete.

Why does speed matter?

Fast website speed is critical for your Squarespace site. Whether you’re an eCommerce site, a freelance photographer, or a fashion designer, website performance plays a big role in your users’ experience.

But it’s not just your users that are impacted. Slow websites get downranked by Google – meaning you get lower search rankings and lower traffic as a result.

If conversion rate matters to you (it should!), site speed has a huge effect. Just read this article from Cloudflare for a few real-world examples.

What does this tool check?

Peach’s Squarespace speed testing tool uses industry-standard speed testing software to give you the most effective report.

We use Google’s PageSpeed Insights along with our own grading framework to assess your Squarespace site’s performance.

Speed Test Report Card for

Overall Performance



Speed Index



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Render Time



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